Friday, October 17, 2008

It's a Boy!

The picture is awful because it's from my web cam, but here he is...




He's still at work with John, but will be home in a few hours. His name is Kek, and he's Kauket's new boy toy. Or rather he will be in a year when he's all grown up and not just a hatchling.

He's just a couple of weeks old and is a lavender corn snake. While you can't really tell in the terrible picture, he's a pinkish purple color. I've been told that he and Kauket will have beautiful babies in all different colors and patterns.

Sadly we had to give my hognose Kebechet back to the breeder. She had stopped eating again and was becoming rather aggressive towards anyone who came near her tank. Hognose snakes are notoriously picky (which is probably partly why they're an endangered species) and she just didn't like something about the environment here. I loved her dearly, but I want to see her thrive so i sent her to an environment that I know she enjoys. The breeder is going to keep her as one of his personal snakes, and I know she'll do great with him.

In exchange we got Kek. The breeder knew I was apprehensive about having to send my baby Kauket away for four months to breed next year, and with Kek that won't be a concern. She'll be able to stay where she's happy and comfortable, and I won't have to give her up. So in the end everyone will be much better off, and I think I'm already falling in love with my little man.