Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I can't do it

I'm sure that most of you know by now that after a very successful surgery, Tiana is home and resting semi-comfortably. She's done wonderfully, and her recovery is progressing much faster than expected.

It hasn't been easy though... Not by any means...

Today marks her one week anniversary, last week at this time she was being rolled into surgery, and it's so amazing to look back over the past week and see how far she's come.

Any back surgery is painful, surgery that includes the full length of your back is even more so. There were days when Tiana could barely move her arms because to do so hurt her back terribly. Each day has gotten a little better, but some of the hurdles she's had to face have been pretty tough to get over.

One phrase that John and I have heard a lot over the last week is "I can't do it." When she's hurting and needs to change position we hear "I can't do it." When she needs to make a trip up the stairs to go to the bathroom we hear "I can't do it." Fortunately for her, she has two parents who know from experience how important it is to push through the pain after surgery and get your body moving. When you move, your blood flows, and the brain releases chemicals that help relieve pain as well as hasten the healing process. So each time we hear "I can't do it," we're standing there saying "Yes you can!"

Take it one step at a time, take a deep breath, relax and do it! If you think it's terrible it will be, but if you think positive it might not be so bad! It hurts today, but if you do it, then tomorrow it won't be so bad.

Words of that nature have become our mantra. Constant encouragement is our ever-present companion. Sometimes it takes awhile to convince her, and often she puts up quite a fuss. However, each day it does become a little easier, and each day she can do a little more.

I've been thinking about the words "I can't do it" a lot in the last week, as I've tried to combat their negative effects in my daughter. I started wondering how many times I've let "I can't do it" stand in my way.
  • I've struggled with quitting smoking because "I can't do it."
  • I've failed on countless diet and exercise programs because "I can't do it."
  • I haven't expanded my business as much as I could because "I cant" approach someone and give them a business card, "I can't" make cold calls, and "I can't" share my business opportunity with them because I don't want them to think I'm pushy.
That's a whole lot of "I can't."

Now if Tiana can look up a flight of stairs, in so much pain that it hurts to breathe, and take that first step, then why can't I?

Sure, she could have given into the "I can't" attitude, and stayed on the couch, but today she would be little better than she was last week. Getting past "I cant do it," is what is making each day so much better than the last.

So I think I need to take that first step too. Sure it might be hard today, but tomorrow it will be easier, and the next day it will be even less painful. I'll start with sharing my wonderful hobby with someone I don't know, and give them a business card. If I do it one step at a time, and take a deep breath, it won't be so bad.